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     Here at "The Clever           Creations", we have SO       much to offer.....

  • Self published children's Author

  • Arts & Craft classes held weekly

  • NEW face painting parties...


Class goals....

My goal is to primarily HAVE FUN, exploring in a pressure free and judgement free environment. I focus on giving children different themes each week to keep it fresh and interesting. 

We learn new skills in the process but also emphasize self - exploration and discovering a passion for something new and encouraging to try new things.


Take a look at my selection of courses that run through the year and choose the right one for you. 

class image 2.jpeg


I wasn't able to make it but Max came with his grandma, I've heard he had the BEST time and is still playing with his hat and badge that he made. Would definitely bring him again, really fun session and a great idea. I love the themes.

Vicky, Hazel Grove

My daughter loves your books, she cant wait for the new release, she reads them all the time. 

Gaz, United States AT

Its so lovely what you're doing. Books are just the best, especially with the little games in. I must say, i was really suprised at how cheap they were. Keep up all the wonderful work you are doing. 

Camilla, Stockport

Brilliant book, Colours really stand out and catch your eye. The way the book has been put together and the story line is great for not just children but the adults reading it too. Looking forward to the next books.

Angie, Northwich

So much more than just a story book, The little games included are great and keep my child concentrated on the book and is helping him learn words. He loves the "wheres Murphy" page.

Paul, Liverpool

Damien was very proud to show his things he made to his brother and daddy in the evening and tell them everything about the day. Damien told me that he likes you very much. He can be very shy in the beginning , many adults overlook him and he/i appreciated very much how you helped and encouraged him. You really have a hand with kids. 100% recommended.

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